Got a flair for Sketching? Think no more …

Posted: August 4, 2011 by thecognitivenomad in Cartoons
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Chandrasekhar Jayarama Krishnan

Head of Cricket, CouchExpert

4 August 2011

CouchExpert welcomes contributions from those who’ve got a flair for sketching. Even an image from your scribbling pad would do – as long as the idea is conveyed!

Also, if you have played a game of book cricket, don’t hesitate to publish your scores. The XI you’ve chosen becomes your opinion, and the scores they’ve made … well … their fate.

Project Shane: Hunt for the New Kid with the Golden Arm

Don’t forget The CouchExpert’s Golden Rule: You don’t have to be good, you just have to possess an opinion of your own!

NOTE:  The sample caricature is to exhibit the current abysmal standards of the existing caricaturist within (your’s truly). Hope this propels someone to oust me from this section for good!

  1. Magesh V says:

    Hi Chandra,
    Guess We Indians are more Desperate to Find the Next Anil Kumble, Sunil Joshi etc.,
    With No Genuine Spin Experts in the Indian Repository, it’s my Opinion that it’s the BCCI that should be doing a Gully to Gully Search for a Genuine / Gifted Bowler

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