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19th May, 2013

Match: WIPRO versus ODW

Venue: CECG, Bangalore

Toss: WIPRO won the toss and elected to field.


WIPRO in maroon



Top of the table coming into the last Sunday of the game took on bottom of the table. Wipro only needed to win the game to ensure that the title was theirs. ODW on the other hand needed a good game to end the campaign on a high.

Wipro won the toss and chose to field. They were coming off a semi-finals loss in another tournament earlier in the day and seemed determined and very keen not to slip this one through their grasp. With the game reduced to 17-overs a side, they opened with twin leg-spin attack of Bharath and Karthik.


Swayam’s forgettable tournament with the bat ended with a 5-ball duck. Arvind’s intent seemed aggressive against the spinners, but the runs came in a trifle. The spinners had spun a web around the ODW batsmen and all they seemed to manage to do was find fielders or thin air repeatedly.

Arvind and Jyoti soon perished, but Melvin found an able ally in Srikant. They found momentum as wrist spinners gave way to finger spin of Sri Karthik and medium pace of Vikas Gowda and Aameer. A sluggish start was then overcome with a stroke-filled partnership that managed 55 runs in 33 balls to push the score beyond 100 that seemed unlikely only half an hour ago.

Wipro with the winners' trophy.

Wipro with the winners’ trophy.

A target of 119 wasn’t much, but it was a tremendous comeback riding on the back of another 50 by Melvin. Wipro though, largely bowled and fielded well in restricting ODW to 118.

ODW’s debutant left-arm seamer Tejomay raised hopes by trapping Karthik in front with a full swinging delivery in just the second over. Mohit walked in at the fall of the first wicket and then set about flogging ODW’s bowling.

An aggressive right-hander who likes to sit on his back-foot, Mohit produced a series of delightful strokes all around the wicket. He managed to quickly get on to the back-foot pulling any short deliveries and with tremendous power. Equally impressive was his balance in waiting for the balls drifting on to his legs that he glanced with great touch repeatedly to the fine-leg boundary.

Mohit's unbeaten 68 (32 balls) ensured Wipro won in a canter

Mohit’s unbeaten 68 (32 balls) ensured Wipro won in a canter

Ajay provided a steady hand at the other end ans Mohit went about dismantling the ODW attack. Everything that Swayam threw at Mohit didn’t seem remotely enough as he brought up his 50 in the blink of an eye.

Victory was inevitable and quickly so as it came in just 9 overs to bring great joy to the Wipro camp. While it was dejection and ruing of many narrow misses for ODW throughout their campaign, Wipro on the other hand produced their game where most chipped in some game or the other.

Their captain Sharath was relieved at the end. He said, “we are coming from a bitter loss in the semis this morning. This victory is a revenge of sorts after a poor show in the morning. The team has been brilliant in this tournament with bowlers sticking to their gameplan and fielders supporting them well. And batsmen have chipped in in all games. It has been a total team effort.”

Scoring patterns for the two teams:


Full Scorecard


1st Inning Batting: One Day Wonders, ODW

                                                   R     B     4's    6's    SR
Swayam c Sri Karthik b B D                         0     5     0      0      0.0

Arvind st A Patil b B D                            9     12    2      0      75.0

Melvin b Sharath                                   58    45    8      0      128.89

Jyoti c Madhukar b Sri Karthik                     6     18    1      0      33.33

S P c Mohit b V K S                                28    17    4      0      164.71

Kokon not out                                      1     2     0      0      50.0

Prakash not out                                    3     4     0      0      75.0

Extras(w 11, b 1, lb 1) 13

Total (5 wickets; 17.0 overs)                      118                       6.94 RPO

Did Not Bat: 
Srikant, Tejomay, Vinodh, Sombit, Rudra, Aseesh

Fall of Wicket: 0-1 ( Swayam 0.5 ov ), 17-2 ( Arvind 4.3 ov ), 68-3 ( Jyoti 11.2 ov ), 112-4 ( Melvin 15.5 ov ), 112-5 ( S P 16.1 ov )

1st Inning Bowling: WIPRO, Wipro

                                                   O     M    R    W    EC     AV     EX
B D                                                4.0   0    14   2    3.50   7.00       

K B R                                              3.0   0    20   0    6.67   -      (w 1)

Sri karthik                                        4.0   0    25   1    6.25   25.00      

V Gowda                                            1.0   0    10   0    10.00  -      (w 1)

Aamir                                              1.0   0    13   0    13.00  -          

Sharath                                            2.0   0    20   1    10.00  20.00  (w 2)

V K S                                              2.0   0    14   1    7.00   14.00  (w 2)


2nd Inning Batting: WIPRO, Wipro

                                                   R     B     4's    6's    SR
K B R b Tejomay                                    1     3     0      0      33.33

Ajay not out                                       20    20    2      0      100.0

Mohit not out                                      68    32    11     1      212.5

Extras(w 28, nb 1, lb 1) 30

Total (1 wicket; 9.0 overs)                        119                       13.22 RPO

Did Not Bat: 
Harsja, Prithvi, Drexank, Aamir, Sharath, Sri Karthok, V K S, B D, V Gowda, Madhukar, A Patil, Srikanth

Fall of Wicket: 11-1 ( K B R 1.2 ov )

2nd Inning Bowling: One Day Wonders, ODW

                                                   O     M    R    W    EC     AV     EX
Swayam                                             2.0   0    25   0    12.50  -      (w 8)

Tejomay                                            2.0   0    14   1    7.00   14.00  (w 2)

Vinodh                                             1.0   0    16   0    16.00  -      (w 1)

Jyoti                                              1.0   0    9    0    9.00   -          

Rudra                                              2.0   0    41   0    20.50  -      (w 3, nb 1)

S P                                                1.0   0    12   0    12.00  -      (w 3)

Melvin                                             0.0   0    1    0    -      -      (w 1)


Post match ceremony

Full match report with individual performance details

The full game along with graphs and wagon wheel details can be got here.

Performer of the Match: Mohit.

Match Result: Mohit defeated ODW by 9 wickets

Points: WIPRO (2) ODW (0)


The CouchExpert Staff

After another exciting Sunday where 4 of the 6 teams were in action, ACT and ODW have moved out of title contention where as the remaining 4 are very much with a chance.

CITI notched up their 2nd successive win after a thrilling 1-wicket win in a last ball finish over ACT. Their negative run-rate means they need a big win and also need others to lose quite badly to be with a chance of finishing on top. MCC’s comfortable 7-wicket win over ODW has put them 2 points clear of WIPRO and AMD, who have 1 game less than them.

With 4 matches left in the competition, 4 teams can still finish on top. ODW and ACT can still ruin the dreams for those 4 teams.

Team Standings Round 4a

The CouchExpert Staff

CITI upset the apple cart by toppling table toppers at end of Round 2 WIPRO to throw the tournament wide open. Victories for AMD and MCC has meant WIPRO, MCC and AMD are equal on points (4) with Wipro ahead on net run-rate.

CITI’s win has lifted them off the bottom as they move to 5th position nudging ODW on better net run-rate. With only 2 points separating the six teams, theoretically all six teams are with a mathematical chance of winning the title should they win their remaining two games and results of other games go in their favour.

As the tournament enters the penultimate Sunday of the competition, here is the points table after round 3.

Team Standings Round 3

The CouchExpert Staff

1st May, 2013

Match: WIPRO versus CITI

Venue: CECG, Bangalore

Toss: WIPRO won the toss and elected to field.


CITI (left) and WIPRO (right)

CITI (left) and WIPRO (right)

It was expected to the David versus Goliath show as table toppers Wipro took on table lagers CITI who had yet to register a victory in the competition. WIPRO put in a team without their captain and their team regulars Mohammed Aameer, Karthik BR and Mohit. “We are a young team and we also have an eye out for the future,” said the stand in captain Srikanth explaining the many changes in his team.


Manish about to be stumped by Anand Pati. Patil accounted for 5 dismissals behind the stumps.

CITI, though, looked sharp from the outset looking to make up for a close defeat versus AMD in the last game. The intent was obvious as Varun drove Pruthvi for a six over covers in the first over. Niket drilled a boundary as well as 16 runs came in the first over.

Then a brain freeze as Varun was run out. The very impressive wicket-keeper of WIPRO, Anand Patil, standing was up to the new ball bowlers to prevent the batsmen from stepping out. It seemed to be one of the factors weighing in the minds of the batsmen that led to a misjudgement in the form of going for a non-existent single.

CITI’s captain Kranthi pushed him up the order for second game running to steady the ship and calm the nerves. Kranthi looked solid even as Pruthvi and Sri Harsha recovered from their poor first overs to bowl frugal second overs. Niket looked to break free and tried to hit out against Sri Harsha. The result being a boundary before he nicked Sri Harsha behind the stumps the very next ball.

Kranthi kept up the run-rate with crisp drives and deft back-cuts even as wickets fell around him. Naveen and Vinayak came and went. When Srikanth joined Kranthi, the run-rate was over 7. The pair looked to accelerate with Srikanth looking to go after the bowling while Kranthi looked to play the sheet anchor.


Then began the Anand Patil show with reflexes rivaling the swiftest going around. He stumped Kranthi off Bharath. He had pouched the ball and whipped off the bails before Kranthi could even turn around after missing a leg-break.

The battle between the batsmen and Anand Patil was the highlight of the morning with the sinewy Patil pouncing on every opportunity. A half-raised foot was death for the batsmen. Over balancing was hara kiri. The cat and mouse game between him and the batsmen pulled Wipro back in to the game as he accounted for three others with his lightning fast reflexes.

Srikath's big hitting tool CITI to 150.

Srikath’s big hitting tool CITI to 150.

But Srikanth kept fort for CITI with tremendous power hitting. His six straight travelled 75 meters hardly rising 30-feet above the ground. Such was his power as he overwhelmed Wipro’s bowling in the end overs and took his team to a par total of 150 with his 56.

The benching of regular openers meant Wipro opened with a new pair in the form of Sailesh and Vikram Gowda. Soon, lack of understanding between the two resulted in Vikram being run out. Rahamathullah struggled to plug the runs from his end even as Srikanth followed up his fifty with an outstanding first spell of 3-0-9-0. Sailesh kept the CITI bowlers at bay with regular boundaries.

Kranthi brought in Niket in the power play overs to plug the run-rate and the move paid off handsomely with Niket accounting for Deexank in the 5th over. The tide had fully turned in favour of CITI when Niket accounted for the very dangerous Sailesh in his second over.

Kranthi brought himself back to account for his counterpart Srikanth to leave Wipro tottering at 61/4 in the 10th over. It looked an uphill task chasing 90 in the last 10 with CITI bowling and fielding better than they had done in their previous games.

With Naresh struggling for control, Wipro batted themselves back in to the game with sound partnerships: firstly between Vinay and Pruthvi and then between Pruthvi and Bharath. Both Vinay and Pruthvi were severe on any short balls, which were many, that were on offer.

When Rahamathullah castled Vinay in the 16th over, 48 runs were needed in 29 balls. The momentum now with Wirpo with the previous partnership and Pruthvi looking rather good, a close finish was on the cards. Bharath joined Pruthvi and the pair plundered runs as Krathi tried to play around with the 2 key overs he had left – one each from Niket and Srikanth.

Srikanth was brought back with 27 needed in the last 2 overs. It was perhaps going to be the over that decided which way the game went. Pruthvi and Bharath took 15 runs off his last over to set-up a last over finish. 12 needed in 6 deliveries. Kranthi turned to Naresh who had struggled till then.

Naresh bowled a top over bowling to his straight fields. The resulting four singles and a two were never going to be enough to take WIPRO home as CITI registered their first win.

Scoring patterns for the two teams:


Full Scorecard

1st Inning Batting: CITI, CITI

                                                   R     B     4's    6's    SR
Varun b Harsha                                     7     6     0      1      116.67

Niket c A Patil b Harsha                           9     6     2      0      150.0

Kranti st A Patil b Bharath D                      28    36    4      0      77.78

Naveen c V Gowda b Pruthi                          3     5     0      0      60.0

Vinayak c V Gowda b Bharath D                      10    10    1      0      100.0

Srikanth st A Patil b Vinay K S                    56    34    8      1      164.71

Manish st A Patil b Sailesh                        8     18    0      0      44.44

Rehamathullah run out (Harsha)                     3     4     0      0      75.0

Anurag not out                                     4     3     0      0      133.33

Naresh st A Patil b Vinay K S                      0     1     0      0      0.0

Extras(w 16, nb 3, lb 3) 22

Total (9 wickets; 20.0 overs)                      150                       7.50 RPO

Did Not Bat: 
Dheeraj, Shakeel

Fall of Wicket: 17-1 ( Varun 1.1 ov ), 30-2 ( Niket 3.2 ov ), 36-3 ( Naveen 4.4 ov ), 68-4 ( Vinayak 9.2 ov ), 84-5 ( Kranti 11.2 ov ), 102-6 ( Manish 15.3 ov ), 139-7 ( Rehamathullah 18.1 ov ), 150-8 ( Srikanth 19.5 ov ), 150-9 ( Naresh 19.6 ov )

1st Inning Bowling: WIPRO, WIPRO

                                                   O     M    R    W    EC     AV     EX
Pruthi                                             4.0   0    24   1    6.00   24.00  (w 5, nb 2)

Harsha                                             3.0   0    24   2    8.00   12.00  (w 1)

Bharath D                                          4.0   0    21   2    5.25   10.50      

Anantha                                            1.0   0    8    0    8.00   -      (w 1)

Vasanth                                            2.0   0    18   0    9.00   -      (w 2, nb 1)

V Gowda                                            2.0   0    20   0    10.00  -          

Sailesh                                            1.0   0    8    1    8.00   8.00   (w 1)

Vinay K S                                          2.0   0    15   2    7.50   7.50   (w 2)

Srikanth                                           1.0   0    9    0    9.00   -      (w 1)


2nd Inning Batting: WIPRO, WIPRO

                                                   R     B     4's    6's    SR
V Gowda run out (Anurag)                           3     6     0      0      50.0

Sailesh lbw b Niket                                25    21    5      0      119.05

Deexank c Kranti b Niket                           9     11    2      0      81.82

Vasanth c Naresh b Niket                           10    17    0      0      58.82

Srikanth lbw b Kranti                              1     8     0      0      12.5

Vinay K S b Rehamathullah                          26    19    4      0      136.84

Pruthvi not out                                    38    26    4      0      146.15

Bharath D run out (Dheeraj)                        12    11    0      0      109.09

Harsha not out                                     1     1     0      0      100.0

Extras(w 17, lb 3) 20

Total (7 wickets; 20.0 overs)                      145                       7.25 RPO

Did Not Bat: 
A Patil, Anantha, Pruthi

Fall of Wicket: 15-1 ( V Gowda 2.2 ov ), 37-2 ( Deexank 4.4 ov ), 49-3 ( Sailesh 6.5 ov ), 61-4 ( Srikanth 9.4 ov ), 67-5 ( Vasanth 10.5 ov ), 103-6 ( V K S 15.1 ov ), 144-7 ( B D 19.5 ov )

2nd Inning Bowling: CITI, CITI

                                                   O     M    R    W    EC     AV     EX
Srikanth                                           4.0   0    24   0    6.00   -      (w 2)

Rehamathullah                                      4.0   0    32   1    8.00   32.00  (w 2)

Kranti                                             4.0   0    26   1    6.50   26.00  (w 3)

Niket                                              4.0   0    25   3    6.25   8.33   (w 1)

Anurag                                             1.0   0    6    0    6.00   -      (w 3)

Naresh                                             3.0   0    29   0    9.67   -      (w 1)

Full match report with individual performance details

You can download the pdf from here.

Post Match Discussion:

Performer of the Match: Srikanth.


Match Result: CITI defeated WIPRO by 5 runs

Points: CITI (2) WIPRO (0)

The CouchExpert Staff

27th April, 2013

Match: MMavericks Cricket Club (M.C.C) versus WIPRO

Venue: CECG, Bangalore

Toss: MCC won the toss and elected to bat.


MCC (left) and WIPR (right)

MCC (left) and WIPRO (right)

For once the scorching summer heat of Bangalore gave way to some really pleasant weather to play cricket in. MCC, bereft of regulars Chetan and Bhargav, won the toss and elected to bat.

MCC suffered an early set-back as their inform opener Gunashekar was runout by Mohit. Wipro’s new ball bowlers, particularly Pruthvi, got considerable nip off the wicket troubling all MCC top-order batsmen.


Pruthvi and Vikram Gowda, who got considerable lift off the wicket, built considerable pressure after the fall of Guna by not giving away any easy runs. They would soon hear fruit in the form of a double-wicket maiden for Pruthvi in the 4th over of the innings when he accounted for Syed and Shankar. Vikram Gowda followed it with another maiden over to really push MCC on the back foot as the powerplay yielded only 21 runs.

Pruthvi bowled his 4 overs up front accounting for 2 top-order wickets

Pruthvi bowled his 4 overs up front accounting for 2 top-order wickets

MCC cut out risks to build a partnership and Vivek and Arun went about building a partnership while ensuring that there would no more casualties as Pruthvi and Vikram Gowda bowled their spells out. Arun and Vivek saw out the spells of Pruthvi and Vikram while dragging their score along at just over 5 runs an over. The change in bowling in the form of Karthik replacing Pruthvi resulted in Arun losing his patience and nick a leg-spinner to the Anand behind the stumps.

The arrival of Prasad on to the crease increased the runrate as he took chances to increase the runrate. A fortunate Prasad who survived two dropped chances struck some lusty blows in an aggressive innings of 29 and just as it looked that Vivek and Prasad would take MCC to a respectable score, Vivek nicked Aameer to the keeper Anand.

Mohammed Aameerthen ran through the middle and lower order with some fine seam bowling to end with 3 for 25 that ensured MCC would be kept to 125 at the end of 20 overs. He was supported well by his skipper Sharath who bowled a tidy spell at the other end.

Vivek played well for his 26 for MCC

Vivek played well for his 26 for MCC

Chasing a modest 126 for their second straight win, WIPRO got off to a cautious start. Their captain Sharath would later explain it to be a plan where “we decided one of the openers to bat through for 14 or so overs)”. Suman thought produced a fine spell accounting for Sharath in the second over having the WIPRO poke at one outside-off.

Suman produced another chance only to be put down at the slips. It was the chance WIPRO needed as Bharath and Mohit went about building a risk-free partnership. Karthik was severe on short balls while Mohit preferred to pepper the straight fields. A 74-run 2nd wicket partnership was ended when Karthik looked to clear the mid-wicket fielder only to find Shankar who took a juggling catch.

Vinay joined Mohit and the both of them put on an entertaining 42 runs for the 3rd wicket with lofted sixes and crisply driven boundaries. The victory was soon brought-up in the 18th over.

Mohammed Aameer was declared the Performer of the Match for his impressive figures of 4-0-25-3.

Scoring patterns for the two teams:


Full Scorecard

1st Inning Batting: MMavericks Cricket Club, MCC

                                                   R     B     4's    6's    SR
Syed c Vinay K S b Pruthvi                         11    15    2      0      73.33

Gunashekar run out (Mohit)                         1     1     0      0      100.0

Vivek c A Patil b Aameer                           26    35    4      0      74.29

Shankar c Bharath D b Pruthvi                      0     4     0      0      0.0

Arun c A Patil b Karthik B R                       13    15    0      0      86.67

Prasad c Pruthvi b Aameer                          29    22    5      0      131.82

Venugopal run out (Pruthvi)                        10    13    1      0      76.92

Sunil not out                                       3     7     0      0      42.86

Vijay b Aameer                                     7     5     1      0      140.0

Yeshwanth not out                                  6     4     1      0      150.0

Extras(w 13, nb 1, b 4, lb 1) 19

Total (8 wickets; 20.0 overs)                      125                       6.25 RPO

Did Not Bat: 
Suman, Ankit

Fall of Wicket: 8-1 ( Gunashekar 1.3 ov ), 18-2 ( Syed 3.2 ov ), 18-3 ( Shankar 3.6 ov ), 47-4 ( Arun 9.1 ov ), 83-5 ( Vivek 13.4 ov ), 101-6 ( Prasad 15.6 ov ), 111-7 ( Venugopal 18.2 ov ), 118-8 ( Vijay 19.1 ov )

1st Inning Bowling: WIPRO, WIPRO

                                                   O     M    R    W    EC     AV     EX
Bharath D                                          2.0   0    17   0    8.50   -          

Pruthvi                                            4.0   1    24   2    6.00   12.00  (w 3)

Vikram Gowda                                       4.0   1    17   0    4.25   -          

Karthik B R                                        2.0   0    16   1    8.00   16.00  (w 1)

Sharath                                            4.0   0    21   0    5.25   -          

Aameer                                             4.0   0    25   3    6.25   8.33   (nb 1)


2nd Inning Batting: WIPRO, WIPRO

                                                   R     B     4's    6's    SR
Karthil B R c Shankar b Vijay                      45    43    7      0      104.65

Sharath c Syed b Suman                             2     3     0      0      66.67

Mohit not out                                      32    36    2      1      88.89

Vinay K S not out                                  29    22    5      1      131.82

Extras(w 16, b 1, lb 1) 18

Total (2 wickets; 17.2 overs)                      126                       7.27 RPO

Did Not Bat: 
Aameer, A Patil, Bharath D, Pruthvi, Sailesh, Vikram Gowda, Deexank

Fall of Wicket: 10-1 ( Sharath 1.6 ov ), 84-2 ( K B R 12.4 ov )

2nd Inning Bowling: MMavericks Cricket Club, MCC

                                                   O     M    R    W    EC     AV     EX
Gunashekar                                         3.2   0    28   0    8.40   -      (w 3)

Suman                                              4.0   0    24   1    6.00   24.00  (w 3)

Venugopal                                          3.0   0    19   0    6.33   -      (w 5)

Vijay                                              4.0   0    20   1    5.00   20.00  (w 2)

Arun                                               3.0   0    33   0    11.00  -      (w 2)


Post match ceremony


Full match report with individual performance details

You can download the pdf from here.

Performer of the Match: Mohammed Aameer.


Match Result: WIPRO defeated MCC by 8 wickets

Points: WIPRO (2) MCC (0)