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 Muthukumar Ramamoorthy

 3 August 2011

“Wu ji bi fan”, says Jackie Chan to Jaden Smith in The Karate Kid after seeing Xiao Dre Parker practicing too much. It translates to “too much of anything isn’t good”.

Well, one must agree that the schedule of modern day cricket has been so packed that the calendars are booked so well in advance. It’s unimaginable as to how the players get to even think of a break with the kind of competition involved to retain their place in the XI, touring opportunities, money and fame – don’t they all hide their greatest demand “family”?

I don’t see any other country than India suffer from this busy schedule. Ahhh, how tough are we the fans and fanatic media here just cursing the team as soon they just lose a match or two.

Looking as of now on the ongoing Pataudi series with India could still do good to bounce back with its potential, it is really disgusting to see the vehement fans and the annoying media critics: Should Dhoni be sacked? Why an under performing Bhajji is in the XI on a swinging turf? Why not a backup opener? So many questions……

When will the schedule allow Indian teams with enough practice games to be best prepared?

Well, it is all obvious that the body language of any of our players don’t show to be as passionate as they were when they went to clinch the World Cup crown only few months ago. So do the fans. They were speaking high on the team’s flamboyance. But this is highly disgusting to see the perception and the reaction now otherwise.

One cannot forget the recent two loses are in a different form of game and the toughest style of the game – test cricket. For an ODI one day of mental prepardness might suffice well. Whereas test cricket is all about getting fit totally!!!

Worldcup ODI, IPL, WI tour with a T20, 5 ODIs and 3 Tests. It has become customary to have T20s also to have as part of the touring schedule as the boards involved know well that they would get the money. Exhausted!

There’s a lack of “prepardness” for test cricket because of the players’ commitments with various franchises, county clubs etc those all who could offer lucrative dollars. Unfortunately BCCI couldn’t blame their own players for this as IPL – the richest contemporary event in the world – is being conducted by themselves – a reason for the world hitting hard on the BCCI becoming the cricket’s economic giant.

Looking at the basic problem in the form of Indian players in the last two matches lost is the inadequate preparation – in the form of warm up games. Few players in the squad were involved in IPL, and others on WI tour, few opting to rest. But did they get to play enough to acclimatize to the local conditions? – No, definitely not.

Gone were those days that the touring team play at least three warm up games against the local teams in which either team evaluates/prepares the playing XI and the bench strength. Has it become more of a formality these days to have one warm up game?

Cricket by all means is a professional sport and not merely a commercial one. Warm up games might not generate revenue, but they ensure that the players are best prepared to put up a tough fight and ensure that each player has played enough to be playing to their fullest potential.

The packed schedules have reduced the number of local trophies and the games involved in it. The Dravids, The Laxmans and The Sachins of India have all grown and come up only playing enormous number of Ranji Trophy, Duleep Trophy, Deodhar Trophy etc not by playing IPL or ICL or any other domestic T20 leagues. It is high time for the BCCI to safeguard the morale (by not driving them for fancy money) and physical fitness (by not stressing them with back-to-back tourneys) of the players.

Consistent performance can keep the no. 1 spot with Team India but to consistently perform as a team it would require enough breaks, enough practice and age old days relaxed tour schedules. It’s also becoming a serious threat of utilizing the right bench strength. BCCI should think more about the once called India A, India B and India Seniors.

The right mix of bench strength should always be the focus, get the bench involved in more longer versions of the game that they don’t stress out and keep their physical and mental fitness and utilized (by rotating) at the right time. It could then be a real fight for each one in the squad to be in the XI. A healthy competition would prevail and the fans could always remain enthralled and feel proud about “Team India” – onus is on BCCI – time now for a strict change in the tournament planners – both at International and domestic circuit level.

  1. thecognitivenomad says:

    You have very valid points here.

    As you rightly point out, my fears over the local trophies – Ranji, Irani, Deodhar etc – and the value they should ideally carry are aplenty. On numerous occasions, I’ve inclined towards Michael Holding and his views on T20. It is just like friction – necessary evil.

  2. damo says:

    wu ji bi fan

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