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 Balaji Ramamurthy

 Editor – Football, The CouchExpert

 August 13, 2011


So finally it all starts again! The English Premier League kicks off today and barring the Tottenham vs Everton game (thanks to the idiot rioters), all remaining fixtures are on. I plan to make this a regular column for the English Premier League. No in-depth analysis nothing, just pure fun predicting results on match-day. And you guys can join the fun using the comments section for your predictions. Just copy paste mine and change the scoreline to your prediction. We’ll play week by week. And here we’re going to cover the games on Saturday, Sunday and the lone mid-week game on Tuesday.

Points system:

1. A correct prediction (correct result regardless of the scoreline predicted) = 1 point.

2. An exact god-like scoreline prediction = 3 points.

3. A wrong one = 0.

Please join in! More the people, more fun we have and a mini prediction league of our own! The winner based on cumulative points accrued over the entire English top flight season will win something neat. Well if I win (I’m playing mind games already!) the prize goes to whoever finishes second, else it obviously goes to the winner 🙂

So here we go! Mine first. And yes the home team comes first in every listing.


1.  Blackburn vs Wolverhampton: 2-1

2. Fulham vs Aston Villa: 1-1

3. Liverpool vs Sunderland: 2-0

4. QPR vs Bolton Wanderers: 1-1

5. Wigan vs Norwich City: 2-2

6. Newcastle vs Arsenal: 1-2


1. Stoke City vs Chelsea: 1-2

2. West Brom vs Man United: 1-2


1. Man City vs Swansea: 3-0

So keep them coming in! Use the comments section to post your entries. The prediction league table will be displayed on the same predictions post next week. Good luck! Comments with predictions (for Sat, Sun and Tue) coming in after the first kickoff at 15:00 GMT today will not be eligible.