TCE Sunday League T20 Round 2 Wrap: WIPRO Move 2 Points Clear of the Rest

Posted: April 30, 2013 by The CouchExpert in Club Cricket, Cricket, TCE Sunday League T20

The CouchExpert Staff

League Standings:

After 2 rounds of The CouchExpert Sunday League, Wipro have distanced themselves from the rest by remaining the only unbeaten team in the competition. ACT though have moved 2 positions up to 4th after their thumping win over ODW. MCC have moved up a position to 2nd even after losing on net run-rate. CITI remain the only team without a win after round 2.

Team Standings Round 2

Most Valuable Player (MVP):

Vinay (ACT) has moved to the top position after his blistering innings of 41 in 16 in the game versus ODW. Two new names Karthik BR (WIPRO) and Pruthvi (WIPRO) have entered the top 5 after this round even as Gunashekar (MCC) and Srikant (ODW) move out of the top 5 after their relatively less spectacular performances this week.

Below chart gives the top 5 MVP contenders after round 2.

MVP Race Round 2


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