10 reasons why I like the Chennai Super Kings

Posted: May 26, 2012 by Niranjan Kuppan in Cricket, IPL, Opinion
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Niranjan K

There is a lot of bullshitting about the Chennai Super Kings over how they make it to the playoffs every season. N Srinivasan scripts all of CSK’s wins from his bathroom, politics, blah blah blah. While there is no denying that the IPL is full of controversy, why is that CSK always paraded as the team to hate just because they are so good? Now, I am from the same state but that’s not the reason why I like the CSK.

So for all those who hate CSK, read this if you have any idea how a premier league has to be played. For those who love CSK, here are tem seasons to know why.

CSK: Giants of the IPL

1. CSK is the only team to embrace the concept of a domestic league in the right way. There is a very CHENNAI flavor in every aspect of CSK. The ‘Whistle Podu’ theme belongs to Chennai. Isn’t there one flavor that you can connect to a Mumbai or a Kolkatta or a Jaipur? Do Punjabis really need Priety Zinta to dance for them..?

2. CSK is the only team to have embraced the concept of a club properly. Faf Du Plessis was an unknown when CSK signed him 2 years ago. Now he’s our leading scorer. That’s what successful EPL teams to. That’s what we do.

3. The dressing room of CSK is widely known as the happiest of all if IPL teams. The pranks, the way newcomers are made comfortable is a mark of great teams.

4. When CSK plays and a batsman hits a four, they don’t have to show Shah Rukh Khan clapping, when a six is hit, they don’t have to show the Shetty sisters hugging or when a batsman gets out they don’t have to show Priety Zinta cussing and discussing strategy with the coach. It’s strictly the players and the fans and that’s how it should be. The lesser the distractions, the better the team.

5. After the recent incident involving Shah Rukh Khan at the Wankhede Stadium, Juhi Chawla was quoted as saying “If today Shah Rukh Khan were to get upset and quit the IPL I wonder if there’d be any people watching the matches… in Wankhede or any stadium.” Seriously, if Wankhede comes to watch Shah Rukh Khan rather than Sachin’s batting, then God save cricket.

6. Despite the dash of IPL, Chennai still and will remain the most knowledgeable of all crowds in India. That’s a mark of fans who will remain loyal to CSK all life. If you think about it you will understand what I am saying. Remember, Sachin was booed once in Mumbai. That will never happen to any cricketer in Chennai (Except Virat Kohli when he plays for RCB)

7. As a team, CSK is not dependent on one player like how RCB have in Gayle and Kolkatta in Gambir. Every time we find some player finishing it in tight situations. Morkel, Bravo, Dhoni, it’s a finishing line up to dream.

8. One of the most important factors is how well the local lads and generally the Indian players have played for us. Vijay, Badri, Anirudha, Ashwin and Balaji have all won games for us. Name one team that has so many local lads in their team and doing well. Add to that Raina and Dhoni. So the over dependence on overseas players is negated in CSK.

9. Harsha Bhogle tweeted this after the last season win he said “Eventually the best team, the best organized, the best selected and the best led won the IPL and that is how it should be”. Need anything more to say.

10. Actually, there is one more thing to say… “We are the Bloody Champs”! Distracters talk about N Srinivasan’s role in the team and his influence as the BCCI’s big fish. Let me clarify. His India Cements Company is involved with cricket for 60 years now. They are responsible for bringing up players like Rahul Dravid. So here’s the thing… N Srinivasan is the president of the most powerful cricket board in the world. Would you credit every Indian Win as his script?

The truth is CSK, even for IPL’s short history has to go through these phases like how great teams go through. Barcelona is constantly accused of diving despite the beautiful football they play. The Australian Cricket Team was accused of too much sledging when they dominated world cricket. But didn’t they change the way cricket was played? Like those great teams, we will endure and play the way like only we can and whistle the way like only we can. Go CSK Go..!

  1. rajkumar says:

    You just pulled word from mouthsu 🙂

  2. […] 10 reasons why I like the Chennai Super Kings (thecouchexpert.com) Share on Facebook TAGS: Chennai, Chennai Super Kings, Delhi Daredevil, Dhoni, Ice-cool Dhoni, ipl 2012, ipl-5, Mahela Jayawardene, Michael Hussey, Ms Dhoni, Murali Vijay, Vijay, Virender Sehwag […]

  3. binisajan says:

    Like the 5th and 7th points the best.

  4. Vijay says:

    one more….they are the team that trust, retained their players and built a team over years rather than have 11 highly talented individuals. Look at how Pune has struggled to secure not even 10 wins in 3 seasons despite having one of the strongest squads on paper including Yuvi, Finch, Tamim, Smith, Mendis, Wright to name a few.

  5. prk says:

    nicely written blog but i wonder if you could you have written the same before csk had made big in ipl…you know after success everything seems perfect about the successful entity…. but i really don’t agree with many of your points….
    1. I wonder what dhoni’s wife does after every good shot?
    3. Again its all goodie goodie after success.
    4. I have seen time an again local celebrities of chennai doing the same for csk…haven’t u seen Shruti Hasan…
    5. God might save cricket but just like u…I would say that IPL is not pure cricket…it has a lot of entertainment value and a lot of people enjoy their time seeing their favorite celebrity….
    6. Again ur statement is nothing less than self-praising….for god’s sake there are many people knowledgible about cricket throughout india and chennai is definitely not known for it…..
    7. That’s just pure luck dude…..chennai doesn’t have good bowlers….it has 9 batsmen…u r right in a way but…u know its easy to win when u have good batting line…i don’t understand what so great about it…..in my opinion it would be really great if a team wins without having so deep of a batting line like RR…. it is like saying that you are the best photographer because u have the best camera…..
    8. Don’t u think that’s luck…if they had not played well…u wouldn’t be talking abt it…because u can only do self praise…
    9. I am not sure about Harsha bhogle…but in that case we shouldn’t have tournament…. its not a match if you have already decided the winner??? whats the fun where is the challenge where is hte excitement of unpredictable??
    10. my counter argument is very simple..BCCI controls IPL and BCCI doesn’t control world cricket….

    I have nothing against you and csk…i am from chennai also….but I expected some substance from ur article which was not there…ur article article reminds of the biographical depiction of those millionaire who eventually become very poor where they were in school and how they made it big in life…..its so unbelievable…

  6. Antony Agnel says:

    Enga thala Dhoni’ku oru periya Whistle adinga.! B)
    #CaptainCool 😀

  7. Harsha says:

    I definitely agree that CSK has been the best managed and performing team. A lot of thought seems to have gone into selections etc. Having said that, despite your disclaimer some of the points are funny and ignore the obvious. The Chennaite in you wrote most points. Not wrong just saying. Before I justify my statement, let me say this, no team or its management is a saint, we feel so out of our love. All teams have their good and bad.

    1. Zinta is owner of KXIP and has all rights to dance. OnlyThat doesnt make the team non punjabi. CSK owners can dance too! Even CSK had film stars (vijay nayanatara) but it didnt work out. If we say whistlepodu kkr says korbo lorbo jeetbo, how does that differ. Only Chennai is the team owned by the locals, ok you can guess why!

    2. Good point. But other teams did bring out players, Bhuvaneshwar Kumar, Shami Ahmed, Rahul Sharma, Pragyan Ojha etc.

    3. Speculative. We cannot definitely say. Check out RCB videos they seem to be having loads of fun too.

    4. When CSK hits four or six, they show Sakshi and Shruti Hasan. There is a joke floating around on Twitter where people feel they get to see more Sakshi than Dhoni on TV

    5. Cannot judge people or teams based on what juhi says. No points for CSK on this.

    6. Chennai crowd is a good one, earned my respect when they cheered PAK win in 1997/98. But how can you claim they are most knowledgable ? Yes, Mumbai crowd sucked when they jeered kohli. That runout was fair. Kohli abused CSK fans so you guys jeer him. But when he plays for India and scores a ton in Chennai you will cheer for himm, surely! Country first, city next guys! who is more knowledgable?

    7. Yes, Chennai has its potential spread out. Gayle I agree but not KKR – Gambhir. Can you really think of how many matches Dhoni won for you. Many Many crucial matches. come on!

    8. Indian lads yes, but Chennai lads only Ashwin & Vijay are worth counting.

    9. Second that. Highly professionally managed.

    10. If you do not see a conflict of interest theBCCI president being CSK owner, CSK captain being India captain, India cements VP etc., and the obvious arm twisting that goes with it, one can only laugh. If its not obvious, then pls ignore it but dont make a saint out of the owners just coz he owns a Chennai team & is a chennaite. If one can understand that there is more for him in CSK wins than India wins you will have a clear picture. Can you give me one reason why only CSK has so many last over last ball finishes (even in the easiest of matches). If betting doesnt ring a bell, please tell me other reasons.

    I am in Chennai since ten years and like the place and language. But lets not get our love for city mask the obvious. Still doesn’t take away the fact that CSK is a very good team though! their records speak for them! I am in no way saying other teams are saints, I am only playing devil’s advocate for your points!


    • CSK Fan says:

      Replies to few of your points

      2.List of players who made their debut for their national teams or came to limelight after playing for CSK: Manpreet Gony, Ashwin(yes, his talent was brought out by CSK : please check IPL2 and IPL 3), Sudeep Tyagi, Faf du Plessis, George Bailey, Badri (ofcourse his talent was known before , being one of the top Ranji scorers), Kulasekara, Thissara Perera, Shadab Jakati, Chris Morris, Mohit Sharma, Vijay, Abhinav Mukund, Tim Southee .. The list can continue with many players who went on to established their presence in their home teams after playing for CSK. This is some talent spotting dude. Fact it is. You cant disagree!
      Can you name any IPL team which has/had these many budding players? I bet you can’t.
      4.Have you ever seen CSK team owners/management in dug out?
      5. Agreed
      6. You don’t have to agree. Many cricketing legends have atold that Chennai crowd is one of the most knowledgeable, if not the most. Do you think you know more than them.
      8. Could you please throw light about Badri and his performances for CSK.
      10. bullshit!

      • Harsha says:

        2. Talent spotting for buying I def’ly agree. But dont let CSK claim credit for making all of them stars coz your list has both rights & wrongs. Faf is a great example of one who got into lime light after CSK. Vijay made his debut for India post CSK, you decide why. Perera, Kulasekhara, Southee were famous internationals and also didnt play much for CSK! Chris Morris was paid a lot in auction which means he is a known talent before CSK. Abhinav Mukund, where was & is he in IPL? Lol!
        4. When there was no rule to disallow managements in dug outs, did you not see a tensed faced guy call Gurunath Meyyappan in CSK dugout? please get tapes if you haven’t.
        5. Which legends? I say Indian crowd is knowledgable. Dont be jingoistic and rate Chennai crowd as the best. There is no basis to make such a claim!! I am from Chennai tambi but I am not a fanatic
        6 I “dont have to agree” for me, not for anyone else. Ok add one more name, how does that change the fact that Dhoni Jadeja Raina and Ashwin are the most imp Indian players for CSK. Rest all fade in comparison
        10. Do you even understand what is conflict of interest? Do you even understand what drives the commercials of a cricket name, betting, fixing etc? Do you even know bull shit? I dont think.?

        As I say again, love CSK but let your love for Chennai mask the reality!

      • harsha says:

        You said bullshit my dear! Are you following the news now?

  8. Naveen says:

    One correction boss .. Sachin was not booed in Mumbai .. That was misinterpreted.. Will share the link where someone who was part of Mumbai crowd that day has written what actually happened .. !!

  9. tsaddu says:

    how in the world did the crowd booing or knowledgeable crowds which are almost everywhere in India except for a few rare cases.
    And the last point was simply crap.U were supposed to say why CSK wins and how Srinivasan does not make CSK win.
    point3-yayaya in other teams juniors are being ragges and raped.They are as fine.
    Dont write nonsense ….idiot

  10. tsaddu says:


  11. Deepu says:

    You guyz hav said many things here… But has conveniently skipped Mr. Srinivasan’s involvement in the auction of Andrew flintof…Would luv to hear frm u regarding that also…

  12. Prada says:

    Above all these points CSK winning journey continues Just keep counting!!!!!

  13. sagar says:

    whats the connection between India cements and Rahul dravid?? did india Cements bring Rahul dravid into the team??? He played for India Cements team as a part of corporate cup at vizag on 2-9-2010…

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