It is the neem effect says Flower

Posted: August 18, 2011 by The CouchExpert in Fiction
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 Srikrishnan Chandrasekaran

 18 August 2011

A visibly satisfied Andrew Flower addressed the media on the even of the last Test at The Oval. Excerpts from the interview:

Press: What is the secret behind England’s series win over India?

Flower: Our boys have been practising hard over the last 1 month under the neem tree. Due to neem impact, some of our boys like Broad, Bresnan and Swann have excekked beyond everyone’s imagination by scoring runs and taking wickets.

Flower attributed the success of his team to special practice under the neem tree

Press: What’s the reaction from the team after their series win?

Flower: Like I said earlier, they are in different world because of the neem tree practice and are by now used to making previously unimaginable comments on team India and its players.

Press: How tough it was for you to pick the team before this series?

Flower: England has got a good mixture of experience batsmen and bowlers. We were in a dilemma on whom to pick for series, I even personally suggested to the board to go for Onions instead of Broad.

Press: How was the team feeling and reactions after winning the first test match?

Flower: Strauss and other senior players came and shouted at me, “thank God we didn’t go by your words to drop Broad for this match, otherwise we would have end up in losing the test match.” After the test, even Board also requested me to keep silent through out the series

Press: How the English former players feel about this achievement?
Flower: You can very well see that every former player is writing articles and talking to the media that we outplayed India. Even Bresnan has publicly asked team India to go back home. It is team India who have given him the opportunity to be in the side by allowing him to score runs and take wickets in the series.  But nobody seems to have realized my true value to this team as it was me who requested Dhoni and his team to play as poor as they can so that we can win the series.

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