Bring it on, become a Couchexpert

Posted: December 30, 2010 by The CouchExpert in IPL

Hemanth Mahadevaiah

My couch, Hamden, CT

11 March 2010


This is my first write-up as a true CouchExpert, for I always felt like one. I always had strong views on how and why things are as they are in sports and cricket in particular.

I also have my opinion on why one can be a Couchexpert:

1) You are a couch expert if you think the best of strategies are discussed on the couch and not in the field.
2) You are a couch expert even if you have retired to the couch and cannot play the game anymore.
3) You are a couch expert if you feel tennis ball cricket never got the recognition that it always deserved.
4) You are a couch expert if you have pounded your keyboards many times taking your frustration out in various forums and blogs you write in.

If any of these sounds familiar, you are an expert like me.

Have we not felt we are a better post match analyser of the game than the Shastris and Gavaskars? We can always get as funny as David Lloyds or Boycotts in critisism, and we have as strong an opinion as Peter Roebucks or Ayaz Memons do. Yes we do!

Since we are at the door steps of India’s favourite league, I’d like to share my expert views on who can win the tournament.

The first season was won by a team that was least fancied, bought for the least amount. They not just won the cup, but went about decimating other teams. The second season saw two finalists who were the bottom most rankers in the first season, and won by the lowest ranked team. It’s that funny for it’s T20 for you.

For me, any team that garners a winning momentum in the second half of the tournament can go on to win, no matter what their rank and how many games they have won thus far.

Note that KKR and MI have made some intelligent purchases this year, also they have some very strong domestic players in their rank – Pujara and Nayar heroes this time?

Also to watch out for are the ICL recruits – Vignesh, Iqbal Abdullah and Satish to make a mark, do watch out for these heroes from the rebel league!

Punjab, Bangalore and Royals have been unpredictable for they rely heavily on their big hitting stars – does Pathan, Watson, Marsh, Yuvi and Taylor sound too familiar? Not counting Kallis’s solidity which came to Bangalore’s rescue last time.

Superkings were super solid over the last 2 seasons, but failed at the last hurdle, will they be third time lucky? Or will it be Team Delhi with the strongest batting line-up to make the most of the batting paradises on offer in India? You never know!

In conclusion, I am a true expert and I know the game called 20-20. I’ll have my opinions and not any conclusion. IPL for me is to watch out for players and not for teams, for many players are capable of single handedly winning any match for thier team.


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