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The CouchExpert Staff

5th May, 2013

Match: ACT versus CITI

Venue: CECG, Bangalore






In what was easily the most thrilling game of the competition thus far the game’s fortunes fluctuated wildly in the second half of the innings that would put a Russian science fiction novel to shame. A game of many shades – of the brash confidence and bravado in chasing in a low total in a trifle to the scare and fear of choking. There were all shades of anger, all tastes of frustration and all shapes of faces: the long ones in disappointment and wide-eyed-almost-eye-ball-popping-out ones in disbelief and ones with grins from ear to ear. This was easily the most satisfying of the games of the tournament for the neutral.


Kranthi had a great game with bat and ball. He also led astutely in the field.

The most inconsistent and most mercurial of the teams in the tournament, CITI, decided that this would be the day when they bowled and fielded at their best. It started with the wiry sharp left-arm quickie Srikanth bringing one sharply back into Vinay in the very first over to have him trapped in front – his usual customary wicket in the first over.

Kranthi was on cue with his changes, field placement and even with his bowling today as all he touched turned to gold. ACT sought to rebuild with Sharath playing a measured innings. Kranthi though would have none of it as he sent Sharath and Deepak first ball in the 9th over as the ACT innings stalled.

Bharath though stylishly pulled a six over square-leg to announce his intentions. Niket, Naresh, Rehamathullah all had good days with the ball as ACT struggled to make pace off the wicket that continued to play slow through the weekend. ACT struggled to string any partnership of notice nor did they get any impetus to pull them out of the run. In the end ACT’s innings finished on 114 in the 20 overs, largely helped by Ajay’s unbeaten 35 towards the end.

CITI came out all guns blazing with Varun looking to go after Shankar and Paddy in the first few overs. The runs came in torrents though CITI lost Niket cheaply. Varun took to the ACT bowlers as 40 came in the first 4 overs. Kranthi continued his good batting form in the tournament as he looked at ease against everything ACT threw at him.

Sharath quickly moved to the theory that has held him in good stead all through the tournament – slow bowlers. Thomas had Varun stumped in the 5th over. CITI promoted their big hitter Srikanth in an effort to knock off the runs quickly.

Bharath's 4 for 20 all but won the game for ACT

Bharath’s 4 for 20 all but won the game for ACT

Srikanth perished to a steepling catch and then the spinners truly brought ACT back into the game. Bharath with his nagging off-breaks continued to stifle CITI’s batsmen who seemed to be torn between achieving the victory and achieving it rapidly. The dilemma would soon cause a jolt that would have their batsmen in a freeze. Thomas, Ajay and Shitu contributing handsomely as the scoring came to a grinding halt.

Wickets fell and attempted big hits found fielders accepting chances gleefully. The dismissal of Kranthi compounded matters for CITI as they seemed to lack a cool head in the middle to guide the chase. Winning with overs to spare was now a long forgotten as nails were chewed with 7 needed for win in the last over.

Paddy bowled the last over amid mad scrambling for non-existent singles and twos and wild grabs from the fielding side in the hope of finding a run out. It boiled down to CITI needing 2 runs off the last ball. There was a bit of gamesmanship with Paddy warning the non-striker not to leave the crease before he delivered the ball more than once. It built the climax to a crescendo as Manish swung at a length ball on the stumps from Paddy for it to find the mid-wicket fence.

It set off wild celebrations in the CITI camp as the victory ensured that they still remained with a chance of winning the competition.

Sharath was forlorn but proud of his boys and he said as much in the post-match ceremony when he declared, “I am proud to be leading this bunch. Our batting has been a disappointment in this tournament, but our fighting spirit has been sensational.”

Kranthi agreed to being stumped by the number of slow bowling options that ACT had. “Had I known they had so many slow bowlers I would not have promoted Srikanth up the order. It almost cost us the game in the end.”

Brief Scores

114 in 2o overs (Ajay 35 not out, Bharath 16, Kranthi 2/17) lost to CITI 114/9 in 20 overs (Kranthi 35, Bharath 4/20) by 1 wicket

Post match ceremony

Part I


Part II


Performer of the Match: Kranthi.

Match Result: CITI defeated ACT by 1 wicket

Points: CITI(2) ACT (0)


The CouchExpert Staff

4th May, 2013

Match: AMD versus ACT

Venue: CECG, Bangalore





In a game that would set the trend for the entire weekend for low-scoring games, MCC batted first and Guna and Shankar got off to a good start going steadily at run-a-ball through the power play. Paddy kept a check on the scoring tucking the batsmen for room by ducking the ball back into the right-handed openers. He was supported well by Shankar from the other end with a tight spell of his own.

Thomas too kept the runrate in check as MCC struggled to break the shackles even though they were not losing wickets. A game of cat-and-mouse continued till MCC decided to throw in their most dynamic batsman in Prasad at the fall of the second wicket in the 10th over.

The wicket was slow and Sharath picked up the cue by bringing in Bharath, Rohit and Shitu into the attack to slow down the pace and it worked like a charm as MCC lost wickets in an attempt to up the runrate.


At 86 for 5 in the 15th over, the innings seemed to be heading towards self-kill before Arun steadied the ship for MCC with a measured partnership with Bhargav. Arun’s 30 not out helped MCC eventually put up a fighting total of 133 on a tough wicket.

Venu's spell of 4-0-8-3 was crucial in setting up a 10-run victory for MCC

Venu’s spell of 4-0-8-3 was crucial in setting up a 10-run victory for MCC

ACT were coming off a brilliant chase versus ODW just a few days ago. They lost their aggressive and in form opener Vinay in the third over followed by captain Sharath in the 4th over. MCC’s new ball pair of Guna and Chethan bowled tight lines as the ACT top order struggled to cope with the lack of pace in the wicket.

Bharath walked in with his team struggling at 19 for 3 and found his feet immediately. He was fluent in his little innings and looked set to dominate the bowling while Paddy scratched around for 21-ball 9 at the other end. Venu came in to scalp the crucial wicket of Bharath in the 10th over to even the scales again.

The match see-sawed in the last quarter of the game with P Mathur and Thomas holding the MCC bowlers at bay with a good partnership for the 7th wicket. Momentum seemed to be with ACT as 16 were needed in the last 3 overs. Thomas was run out in the 18th over and MCC built on that pressure and some tremendous death over bowling by Venu to push ACT back gradually.

Venu’s four overs cost him a mere 8 runs while he picked up 3 wickets in the bargain. It is quite remarkable that three of those four overs were bowled in the 16th, 18th and 20th overs of the innings.

His spell played the most pivotal role in MCC winning the game eventually by 10 runs.

Scoring patterns for the two teams:


Full Scorecard

1st Inning Batting: MMavericks Cricket Club, MCC

                                                   R     B     4's    6's    SR
Shankar b Rohit                                    26    25    4      0      104.0

Gunashekar b Thomas                                17    17    3      0      100.0

Syed lbw b Shitu                                   14    23    2      0      60.87

Prasad run out (P Mathur)                          5     10    0      0      50.0

Bhargav c Rohit b Thomas                           15    16    0      0      93.75

Chetan c Shitu b Bharath                           3     5     0      0      60.0

Arun not out                                       30    22    4      0      136.36

Venugopal not out                                  1     2     0      0      50.0

Extras(w 18, b 1, lb 3) 22

Total (6 wickets; 20.0 overs)                      133                       6.65 RPO

Did Not Bat: 
Suman, S S, P C

Fall of Wicket: 37-1 ( Gunashekar 5.3 ov ), 64-2 ( Shankar 9.4 ov ), 81-3 ( Prasad 12.2 ov ), 81-4 ( Syed 12.3 ov ), 86-5 ( Chetan 13.3 ov ), 122-6 ( Bhargav 18.4 ov )

1st Inning Bowling: Alliance Cricket Team, ACT

                                                   O     M    R    W    EC     AV     EX
Paddy                                              4.0   0    19   0    4.75   -      (w 2)

Shankar                                            3.0   0    22   0    7.33   -      (w 4)

Thomas                                             4.0   0    31   2    7.75   15.50      

Rohit                                              2.0   0    19   1    9.50   19.00  (w 3)

Shitu                                              3.0   0    16   1    5.33   16.00  (w 3)

Bharath                                            4.0   0    22   1    5.50   22.00      


2nd Inning Batting: Alliance Cricket Team, ACT

                                                   R     B     4's    6's    SR
Vinay c Chetan b Chetan                            8     9     1      0      88.89

Paddy b Arun                                       9     21    1      0      42.86

Sharat b Gunashekar                                0     1     0      0      0.0

Deepak c Syed b Gunashekar                         4     2     1      0      200.0

Bharath c Syed b Venugopal                         28    21    4      0      133.33

Ajay run out (Suman)                               12    11    2      0      109.09

P Mathur run out (Syed)                            19    32    1      0      59.38

Thomas run out (Prasad)                            20    17    3      0      117.65

Shankar c Syed b Venugopal                         1     3     0      0      33.33

Rohit c Gunashekar b Venugopal                     1     2     0      0      50.0

Shitu not out                                      1     2     0      0      50.0

Extras(w 17, nb 1, b 1, lb 1) 20

Total (10 wickets; 20.0 overs)                     123                       6.15 RPO

Did Not Bat: 

Fall of Wicket: 14-1 ( Vinay 2.3 ov ), 15-2 ( Sharat 3.1 ov ), 19-3 ( Deepak 3.3 ov ), 57-4 ( Paddy 8.4 ov ), 59-5 ( Bharath 9.4 ov ), 82-6 ( Ajay 12.5 ov ), 118-7 ( Thomas 17.4 ov ), 121-8 ( P Mathur 19.1 ov ), 122-9 ( Shankar 19.3 ov ), 123-10 ( Rohit 19.6 ov )

2nd Inning Bowling: MMavericks Cricket Club, MCC

                                                   O     M    R    W    EC     AV     EX
Chetan                                             4.0   0    29   1    7.25   29.00  (w 5)

Gunashekar                                         4.0   0    22   2    5.50   11.00  (w 1)

Arun                                               4.0   0    22   1    5.50   22.00  (w 1)

Venugopal                                          4.0   0    8    3    2.00   2.67       

Suman                                              1.0   0    12   0    12.00  -      (w 3)

Prasad                                             2.0   0    16   0    8.00   -      (w 1)

Bhargav                                            1.0   0    12   0    12.00  -      (w 1, nb 1)


Post match ceremony


Performer of the Match: Venugopal.


Match Result: MCC defeated ACT by 10 runs

Points: MCC (2) ACT (0)

The CouchExpert Staff

1st May, 2013

Match: AMD versus One Day Wonders (ODW)

Venue: CECG, Bangalore

Toss: ODW won the toss and elected to field.



ODW (left) and AMD (right)

With CITI toppling WIPRO in the earlier game, winner of this game was to join WIPRO on top of the table, equal on points. With the potential pole position on offer, there was much at stake as Swayam won the toss and ODW elected to field.

Prashanth's 59 not out helped AMD reach 162

Prashanth’s 59 not out helped AMD reach 162

Prashanth pushed himself down the order and sent Viswajeet to open with Karthik. It seemed to be a masterstroke as Viswajeet tore into the ODW bowling straight away. Vikas joined Viswajeet after Karthik fell early and the both seemed to be in  hurry scoring at nearly 10 an over in the first 5 overs.

Viswajeet got out after looking set for  big innings. It brought captain Prashanth to the middle and he gave tremendous support to Vikas who looked in fine nick at the other end. Vikas was particularly strong square of the wicket on both sides and raced to 38 0ff 30 balls before he was undone by Ajit. By then 100 for the team was up in the 12th over.

The scoring slowed down a bit as Rudra and Ajit bowled tidily. They were backed by Jyoti as the scoring was briefly reduced to a trickle, almost standstill. But Prashanth held firm even after losing Piyush and Kiran and set about pushing his team beyond 150 with the help of Lohith.


Prashanth soon brought up his fifty and pushed AMD’s eventual score to 162. ODW’s bowling was largely lackluster and captain Swayam took the blame upon himself. He said, “I usually bowl tidily. Today I was not able to do that in the powerplay overs or the end overs. 162 was a bit bight on this ground.”

The the law of averages soon caught up with Melvin as he was out second ball after two fabulous innings in the last two matches. Srikant though, coming on the back of two successive ducks, smashed three of his first four deliveries for boundaries. Rakesh was out as his powerful straight drive was gobbled up on his follow through by Kiran.

Srikant was out bowled as the ball rolled off his body on the stumps

Srikant was out bowled as the ball rolled off his body on the stumps

Tej joined Srikant and the two were involved in a tremendous 3rd wicket partnership. The pair relied on boundary hitting and less on running between the wickets. Soon boundaries were common place. Tej and Srikant even helped themselves to a six each as they motored along at over 7 an over. The chase seemed well under control with the score nearing 100 in just over 12 overs.

Then disaster struck.

Srikant missed a short ball as he moved outside off-stump to pull it to square-leg. The ball hit is person and lobbed up and rolled back on to the stumps to give Prashanth and AMD a very welcome breakthrough. The 69-run 3rd wicket partnership had come in 59 deliveries and Srikant was out for 49.

Jyoti came and went. As did Swayam and Kokan. In a spell of 9 balls, Lohith had broken the game open with a spell of 4 for 3. From then on there was no way back for ODW.

“We are a team of medium pacers. I am the only spinner. My job is to keep the run-rate down and also to speed up the over rate,” said a delighted Prashanth at the end of the game. Lohith had come good with the ball after his match winning heroics with the bat in the last game. And with Viswajeeth and Vikas back among runs, AMD look good to fare well in their remaining two games as well.

Scoring patterns for the two teams:


Full Scorecard

1st Inning Batting: AMD, AMD

                                                   R     B     4's    6's    SR
Karthik c Suresh b Melvin                          4     5     1      0      80.0

Viswajeet c Rudra b Melvin                         27    20    4      1      135.0

Vikas c Swayam b Ajit                              38    30    5      0      126.67

Prashanth not out                                  59    48    4      1      122.92

Kiran c Srikant b Ajit                             0     2     0      0      0.0

Piyush b Rudra                                     3     4     0      0      75.0

Lohith not out                                     10    13    1      0      76.92

Extras(w 10, nb 2, b 9) 21

Total (5 wickets; 20.0 overs)                      162                       8.10 RPO

Did Not Bat: 
Srinivas, Arun, Ravi, C M

Fall of Wicket: 12-1 ( Karthik 1.1 ov ), 53-2 ( Viswajeet 5.4 ov ), 100-3 ( Vikas 11.2 ov ), 112-4 ( Kiran 13.4 ov ), 126-5 ( Piyush 15.3 ov )

1st Inning Bowling: One Day Wonders, ODW

                                                   O     M    R    W    EC     AV     EX
Srikant                                            3.0   0    20   0    6.67   -      (w 2)

Melvin                                             3.0   0    28   2    9.33   14.00  (nb 1)

Jyoti                                              4.0   0    27   0    6.75   -      (w 1)

Swayam                                             3.0   0    38   0    12.67  -      (w 2, nb 1)

Ajit                                               4.0   0    23   2    5.75   11.50  (w 2)

Rudra                                              3.0   0    17   1    5.67   17.00  (w 2)


2nd Inning Batting: One Day Wonders, ODW

                                                   R     B     4's    6's    SR
Melvin c C M b Kiran                               0     2     0      0      0.0

Srikant b Prashanth                                49    38    4      1      128.95

Rakesh c Kiran b Kiran                             5     8     0      0      62.5

Tej b Lohith                                       30    29    4      1      103.45

Jyoti c Viswajeet b Lohith                         1     4     0      0      25.0

Swayam b Lohith                                    4     7     0      0      57.14

Kokan b Lohith                                     6     5     1      0      120.0

Arvind lbw b C M                                   7     10    0      0      70.0

Aseesh lbw b Prashanth                             2     4     0      0      50.0

Ajit run out (Piyush)                              8     7     0      0      114.29

Rudra not out                                      1     1     0      0      100.0

Extras(w 9, nb 1, b 2, lb 2) 14

Total (10 wickets; 19.0 overs)                     127                       6.68 RPO

Did Not Bat: 

Fall of Wicket: 0-1 ( Melvin 0.2 ov ), 25-2 ( Rakesh 2.3 ov ), 94-3 ( Srikant 12.2 ov ), 95-4 ( Jyoti 13.1 ov ), 96-5 ( Tej 13.5 ov ), 106-6 ( Swayam 15.1 ov ), 109-7 ( Kokan 15.4 ov ), 112-8 ( Aseesh 16.5 ov ), 125-9 ( Ajit 18.3 ov ), 127-10 ( Arvind 18.6 ov )

2nd Inning Bowling: AMD, AMD

                                                   O     M    R    W    EC     AV     EX
Kiran                                              3.0   0    24   2    8.00   12.00  (w 3)

Lohith                                             4.0   0    24   4    6.00   6.00   (w 3)

Ravi                                               4.0   0    22   0    5.50   -          

Arun                                               2.0   0    13   0    6.50   -      (w 1)

Prashanth                                          4.0   0    23   2    5.75   11.50  (w 1, nb 1)

Karthik                                            1.0   0    12   0    12.00  -          

Chetan M                                           1.0   0    5    1    5.00   5.00

Full match report with individual performance details

You can download the pdf from here.

Performer of the Match: Prashanth.


Match Result: AMD defeated ODW by 35 runs

Points: AMD (2) ODW (0)

The CouchExpert Staff

1st May, 2013

Match: WIPRO versus CITI

Venue: CECG, Bangalore

Toss: WIPRO won the toss and elected to field.


CITI (left) and WIPRO (right)

CITI (left) and WIPRO (right)

It was expected to the David versus Goliath show as table toppers Wipro took on table lagers CITI who had yet to register a victory in the competition. WIPRO put in a team without their captain and their team regulars Mohammed Aameer, Karthik BR and Mohit. “We are a young team and we also have an eye out for the future,” said the stand in captain Srikanth explaining the many changes in his team.


Manish about to be stumped by Anand Pati. Patil accounted for 5 dismissals behind the stumps.

CITI, though, looked sharp from the outset looking to make up for a close defeat versus AMD in the last game. The intent was obvious as Varun drove Pruthvi for a six over covers in the first over. Niket drilled a boundary as well as 16 runs came in the first over.

Then a brain freeze as Varun was run out. The very impressive wicket-keeper of WIPRO, Anand Patil, standing was up to the new ball bowlers to prevent the batsmen from stepping out. It seemed to be one of the factors weighing in the minds of the batsmen that led to a misjudgement in the form of going for a non-existent single.

CITI’s captain Kranthi pushed him up the order for second game running to steady the ship and calm the nerves. Kranthi looked solid even as Pruthvi and Sri Harsha recovered from their poor first overs to bowl frugal second overs. Niket looked to break free and tried to hit out against Sri Harsha. The result being a boundary before he nicked Sri Harsha behind the stumps the very next ball.

Kranthi kept up the run-rate with crisp drives and deft back-cuts even as wickets fell around him. Naveen and Vinayak came and went. When Srikanth joined Kranthi, the run-rate was over 7. The pair looked to accelerate with Srikanth looking to go after the bowling while Kranthi looked to play the sheet anchor.


Then began the Anand Patil show with reflexes rivaling the swiftest going around. He stumped Kranthi off Bharath. He had pouched the ball and whipped off the bails before Kranthi could even turn around after missing a leg-break.

The battle between the batsmen and Anand Patil was the highlight of the morning with the sinewy Patil pouncing on every opportunity. A half-raised foot was death for the batsmen. Over balancing was hara kiri. The cat and mouse game between him and the batsmen pulled Wipro back in to the game as he accounted for three others with his lightning fast reflexes.

Srikath's big hitting tool CITI to 150.

Srikath’s big hitting tool CITI to 150.

But Srikanth kept fort for CITI with tremendous power hitting. His six straight travelled 75 meters hardly rising 30-feet above the ground. Such was his power as he overwhelmed Wipro’s bowling in the end overs and took his team to a par total of 150 with his 56.

The benching of regular openers meant Wipro opened with a new pair in the form of Sailesh and Vikram Gowda. Soon, lack of understanding between the two resulted in Vikram being run out. Rahamathullah struggled to plug the runs from his end even as Srikanth followed up his fifty with an outstanding first spell of 3-0-9-0. Sailesh kept the CITI bowlers at bay with regular boundaries.

Kranthi brought in Niket in the power play overs to plug the run-rate and the move paid off handsomely with Niket accounting for Deexank in the 5th over. The tide had fully turned in favour of CITI when Niket accounted for the very dangerous Sailesh in his second over.

Kranthi brought himself back to account for his counterpart Srikanth to leave Wipro tottering at 61/4 in the 10th over. It looked an uphill task chasing 90 in the last 10 with CITI bowling and fielding better than they had done in their previous games.

With Naresh struggling for control, Wipro batted themselves back in to the game with sound partnerships: firstly between Vinay and Pruthvi and then between Pruthvi and Bharath. Both Vinay and Pruthvi were severe on any short balls, which were many, that were on offer.

When Rahamathullah castled Vinay in the 16th over, 48 runs were needed in 29 balls. The momentum now with Wirpo with the previous partnership and Pruthvi looking rather good, a close finish was on the cards. Bharath joined Pruthvi and the pair plundered runs as Krathi tried to play around with the 2 key overs he had left – one each from Niket and Srikanth.

Srikanth was brought back with 27 needed in the last 2 overs. It was perhaps going to be the over that decided which way the game went. Pruthvi and Bharath took 15 runs off his last over to set-up a last over finish. 12 needed in 6 deliveries. Kranthi turned to Naresh who had struggled till then.

Naresh bowled a top over bowling to his straight fields. The resulting four singles and a two were never going to be enough to take WIPRO home as CITI registered their first win.

Scoring patterns for the two teams:


Full Scorecard

1st Inning Batting: CITI, CITI

                                                   R     B     4's    6's    SR
Varun b Harsha                                     7     6     0      1      116.67

Niket c A Patil b Harsha                           9     6     2      0      150.0

Kranti st A Patil b Bharath D                      28    36    4      0      77.78

Naveen c V Gowda b Pruthi                          3     5     0      0      60.0

Vinayak c V Gowda b Bharath D                      10    10    1      0      100.0

Srikanth st A Patil b Vinay K S                    56    34    8      1      164.71

Manish st A Patil b Sailesh                        8     18    0      0      44.44

Rehamathullah run out (Harsha)                     3     4     0      0      75.0

Anurag not out                                     4     3     0      0      133.33

Naresh st A Patil b Vinay K S                      0     1     0      0      0.0

Extras(w 16, nb 3, lb 3) 22

Total (9 wickets; 20.0 overs)                      150                       7.50 RPO

Did Not Bat: 
Dheeraj, Shakeel

Fall of Wicket: 17-1 ( Varun 1.1 ov ), 30-2 ( Niket 3.2 ov ), 36-3 ( Naveen 4.4 ov ), 68-4 ( Vinayak 9.2 ov ), 84-5 ( Kranti 11.2 ov ), 102-6 ( Manish 15.3 ov ), 139-7 ( Rehamathullah 18.1 ov ), 150-8 ( Srikanth 19.5 ov ), 150-9 ( Naresh 19.6 ov )

1st Inning Bowling: WIPRO, WIPRO

                                                   O     M    R    W    EC     AV     EX
Pruthi                                             4.0   0    24   1    6.00   24.00  (w 5, nb 2)

Harsha                                             3.0   0    24   2    8.00   12.00  (w 1)

Bharath D                                          4.0   0    21   2    5.25   10.50      

Anantha                                            1.0   0    8    0    8.00   -      (w 1)

Vasanth                                            2.0   0    18   0    9.00   -      (w 2, nb 1)

V Gowda                                            2.0   0    20   0    10.00  -          

Sailesh                                            1.0   0    8    1    8.00   8.00   (w 1)

Vinay K S                                          2.0   0    15   2    7.50   7.50   (w 2)

Srikanth                                           1.0   0    9    0    9.00   -      (w 1)


2nd Inning Batting: WIPRO, WIPRO

                                                   R     B     4's    6's    SR
V Gowda run out (Anurag)                           3     6     0      0      50.0

Sailesh lbw b Niket                                25    21    5      0      119.05

Deexank c Kranti b Niket                           9     11    2      0      81.82

Vasanth c Naresh b Niket                           10    17    0      0      58.82

Srikanth lbw b Kranti                              1     8     0      0      12.5

Vinay K S b Rehamathullah                          26    19    4      0      136.84

Pruthvi not out                                    38    26    4      0      146.15

Bharath D run out (Dheeraj)                        12    11    0      0      109.09

Harsha not out                                     1     1     0      0      100.0

Extras(w 17, lb 3) 20

Total (7 wickets; 20.0 overs)                      145                       7.25 RPO

Did Not Bat: 
A Patil, Anantha, Pruthi

Fall of Wicket: 15-1 ( V Gowda 2.2 ov ), 37-2 ( Deexank 4.4 ov ), 49-3 ( Sailesh 6.5 ov ), 61-4 ( Srikanth 9.4 ov ), 67-5 ( Vasanth 10.5 ov ), 103-6 ( V K S 15.1 ov ), 144-7 ( B D 19.5 ov )

2nd Inning Bowling: CITI, CITI

                                                   O     M    R    W    EC     AV     EX
Srikanth                                           4.0   0    24   0    6.00   -      (w 2)

Rehamathullah                                      4.0   0    32   1    8.00   32.00  (w 2)

Kranti                                             4.0   0    26   1    6.50   26.00  (w 3)

Niket                                              4.0   0    25   3    6.25   8.33   (w 1)

Anurag                                             1.0   0    6    0    6.00   -      (w 3)

Naresh                                             3.0   0    29   0    9.67   -      (w 1)

Full match report with individual performance details

You can download the pdf from here.

Post Match Discussion:

Performer of the Match: Srikanth.


Match Result: CITI defeated WIPRO by 5 runs

Points: CITI (2) WIPRO (0)

The CouchExpert Staff

28th April, 2013

Match: One Day Wonders (O.D.W) versus Alliance Cricket Team (A.C.T)

Venue: CECG, Bangalore

Toss: ODW won the toss and elected to bat.



ODW (left) and ACT (right)

ODW won another toss. They elected to bat again. Melvin got off to another tremendous start. ACT lost another toss. Their bowlers struggled again. Another disastrous powerplay. It was last Sunday repeating for both teams. Only that this was being played under massive black clouds and swirling winds under severe threat of being affected by rain. Light was an issue as much as the gloomy clouds.

The light didn’t improve nor the threat of rain abate for the rest of the evening, but the sameness to the fortunes of both teams was about to change quite dramatically though.


The lanky Melvin and the short Jyoti set about giving ODW another familiar fast, aggressive start. Shankar and Benjamin tried to keep the openers under check, but they still motored along at just under 8 runs an over hardly breaking a sweat. Sharath turned to the spin of Shitu for change of fortunes and he was swiftly put away for 15 runs. He rolled the dice and got Paddy to bowl an over only to see him drift on to batsmen’s pads repeatedly and be flicked repeatedly for boundaries. Shitu was better, Paddy went for 21. The score read 81 for none in 8 overs and there were discussions of 200 in the ODW camp.

Jyoti gave ODW a tremendous start in the powerplay.

Jyoti gave ODW a tremendous start in the powerplay.

Sharath turned to the left-arm spin of Thomas who sat out the previous game with an injury to his bowling hand. Immediately, his subtle changes in pace and loop kept the batsmen guessing. The ensuing 2 runs from the over immediately had an effect as Melvin got out trying to hit out Shitu in the next over. Sashi walked in and smashed the first ball for a six making his team’s intentions clear.

Sharath replaced Shitu with the young offspinner Rohit. Rohit set straight fields and tossed the ball up inviting the batsmen to clear the field. He admitted later thst his captain had advised him to loop the ball and force the batsman to make pace. The move paid handsome rewards as the spin twins Thomas and Rohit ran amok totalling 5 wickets between them in 8 overs.

ACT’s outfielding that looked untidy till then looked sharp all of a sudden and they took all high chances that were on offer. ODW found themselves slipping rather quickly. Sharath kept his seamers out and bowled the spin of Ajay and Shitu to clean up the ODW tail for 113 as ODW failed to bat out the full 20 overs.

“The ball was skidding on to the bat and therefore good to play against medium pacers. Once I ralized that it was difficult to make pace off spinners, I didn’t bring the seamers back at all and bowled only my spinners. Thomas was good coming back from injury and Rohit had a good game too,” said Sharath at the end of the game.

“I was asked to flight the ball by my captain as the field is big and it is difficult to clear. The plan worked beautifully with the deep fielders holding on to high catches,” said a delighed Rohit at the end of the game.

ODW still looked upbeat as they do have a track record of defending small totals. Any hopes of such a repeat was quickly dispelled. Vinay pulled the second ball of the first over for a six and took 19 off the first over. Srikant surprisingly not finding his usual accurate line and length and it put ODW’s captain Swayam on the back foot immediately.

Vinay blasted his way to a 16-ball 41.

Vinay blasted his way to a 16-ball 41.

Swayam brought himself on in the place of Srikant and delivered with the wicket of Paddy in his first over. Vinay, though, was in the middle of a purple patch striking boundaries for fun.

Sharath, who walked in at the fall of Paddy’s wicket, compounded Swayam’s problems by striking five consecutive boundaries in his first six balls. Swayam tried his best by shuffling his bowlers (five different bowlers in the first six overs) in the hope of getting a breakthrough, but it was not to be as 70 runs came in the first six overs.

There was relief finally for Swayam when he trapped Vinay for a whirlwind 41 (16b, 6X4, 2X6). Deepak joined Sharath and immediately went about achieving the target in as less overs as possible in an attempt to bridge the net run rate that was lagging at -3.85 after last Sunday. Sharath fell to Melvin 3 overs later, but Dheeraj along with P Mathur ensured that their run rate never dipped under 10. The pair went about garnering the remaining runs with runs on the off-side for Deepak and on the on-side for P Mathur.

The pair brought up a thumping win for ACT with 6.4 overs to spare.

“We have defended short totals previously. But the start they got was tremendous and I changed bowlers in the hope of getting wickets. Our middle order didn’t capitalize on the great start provided by our openers and that resulted in us not even being able to bat out our allotted overs,” summed up Swayam on his team’s performance.

Scoring patterns for the two teams:


Full Scorecard

1st Inning Batting: One Day Wonders, ODW

                                                   R     B     4's    6's    SR
Melvin c Deepak b Shitu                            30    25    4      0      120.0

Jyoti run out (Thomas)                             31    36    5      0      86.11

Sashi run out (Vinay)                              22    24    1      1      91.67

Rakesh c P Mathur b Thomas                         5     5     0      0      100.0

Srikant c Benjamin b Thomas                        0     2     0      0      0.0

Swayam c Paddy b Rohit                             1     2     0      0      50.0

Siddharth run out (Deepak)                         1     5     0      0      20.0

Aseesh lbw b Rohit                                 1     4     0      0      25.0

Kokan lbw b Rohit                                  10    9     1      0      111.11

Vinod c Paddy b Ajay                               0     2     0      0      0.0

Sambit not out                                     0     1     0      0      0.0

Extras(w 20, nb 1, b 8, lb 3) 32

Total (10 wickets; 19.0 overs)                     133                       7.00 RPO

Did Not Bat: 

Fall of Wicket: 83-1 ( Melvin 9.1 ov ), 94-2 ( Jyoti 10.1 ov ), 104-3 ( Rakesh 12.2 ov ), 104-4 ( Srikant 12.4 ov ), 106-5 ( Swayam 13.1 ov ), 107-6 ( Siddharth 14.2 ov ), 114-7 ( Aseesh 15.4 ov ), 126-8 ( Kokan 17.5 ov ), 131-9 ( Vinod 18.3 ov ), 133-10 ( Sashi 18.6 ov )

1st Inning Bowling: Alliance Cricket Team, ACT

                                                   O     M    R    W    EC     AV     EX
Shankar                                            3.0   0    18   0    6.00   -      (w 4)

Benjamin                                           2.0   0    12   0    6.00   -      (w 3)

Ajay                                               2.0   0    13   1    6.50   13.00      

Shitu                                              3.0   0    32   1    10.67  32.00  (w 2)

Paddy                                              1.0   0    21   0    21.00  -      (w 2)

Thomas                                             4.0   0    16   2    4.00   8.00   (w 2, nb 1)

Rohit                                              4.0   0    10   3    2.50   3.33       


2nd Inning Batting: Alliance Cricket Team, ACT

                                                   R     B     4's    6's    SR
Vinay lbw b Swayam                                 41    16    6      2      256.25

Paddy c Srikant b Swayam                           3     9     0      0      33.33

Sharat c Kokan b Melvin                            24    18    5      0      133.33

Deepak not out                                     34    27    5      0      125.93

P Mathur not out                                   18    11    3      0      163.64

Extras(w 12, nb 1, lb 1) 14

Total (3 wickets; 13.2 overs)                      134                       10.05 RPO

Did Not Bat: 
Ajay, Rohit, Shankar, Shitu, Thomas, Benjamin

Fall of Wicket: 24-1 ( Paddy 2.3 ov ), 74-2 ( Vinay 6.2 ov ), 87-3 ( Sharat 9.1 ov )

2nd Inning Bowling: One Day Wonders, ODW

                                                   O     M    R    W    EC     AV     EX
Srikant                                            1.0   0    19   0    19.00  -      (w 5)

Jyoti                                              2.2   0    28   0    12.00  -          

Swayam                                             4.0   0    40   2    10.00  20.00  (w 5)

Sambit                                             1.0   0    9    0    9.00   -          

Melvin                                             4.0   0    28   1    7.00   28.00  (w 1, nb 1)

Vinod                                              1.0   0    9    0    9.00   -      (w 1)

Post match ceremony


Full match report with individual performance details

You can download the pdf from here.

Performer of the Match: Rohit.


Rohit’s figures of 4-0-10-3 made him the Performer of the Match

Match Result: ACT defeated ODW by 7 wickets

Points: ACT (2) ODW (0)